Windows target crash if executable path contain non-English characters

I was testing an empty Haxeflixel template using “lime test windows”
and everything went smoothly, “hello world” window shows up

if I use “lime build windows”, and then double click on executable I just compiled
it will throw me “XXX.exe has stopped working”
exception code c0000005

the weird thing I found is that If I simply move executable to other folder which path are all English characters, the problem just disappeared

also if I add -debug when compiling then this problem is gone again

Originally I thought this is Haxeflixel’s problem but when I tested my old project that only use OpenFL, the result is same. I think the problems is probably more related to Lime or OpenFL

All library I’m using are latest version
I’m using Visual Studio Code with VS 2017 build tool

Hi, I remember something like this happening to my app with saved files in applicationStorageDirectory when username contained french characters with accent. If I remember correctly @singmajesty told me it was an issue with hxcpp.

I was hoping this would be fixed by now but haven’t tested, have you tried with latest hxcpp ?

edit : since your libs are up to date that probably means the issue is still there… I don’t see any issue open on that subject ( ), I think we should create one ?

so It’s been 2 weeks and there’s no lead for this bug
but I found Hashlink and the performance is almost same as hxcpp

I guess I’ll just target Hashlink instead of trying to fix broken Windows target with -release

ps: I don’t know why but haxe seems to be have many issues related to UTF-8 path
like auto completion is straight up broken in VSC if my project folder path contains chinese character

Somehow I found a better workaround
If I compile it with HXCPP_STACK_TRACE, the executable will run just fine in release mode

I hope the only downside is bloated file size and no performance hit