Windows PC Requirements

I’m releasing a game on steam and wondering what the PC requirements on average would be for a windows exported game.

Currently I’ve got:

Windows XP or later
1.5 GHz Core2Duo
OpenGL 1.4 or better - Off the Papers Please steam page - Does it run off of OpenGL?

At most it seems to use about 200MB of RAM
It uses about 5% of my quad core 3.5ghz i5 cpu usage.

Anyway I was just wondering what to put. It certainly doesn’t seem very intensive.

The CPU or memory would depend on what you do in your project. I’m not certain that we have Windows XP support right now – the build server is now running Windows 7, so I lost my ability to more easily test (and confirm builds) for Windows XP. I’ve heard some reports of it not working.

The GL requirement is 2.1 or greater (I believe) without switching to software mode

Ok, I’ll change it to Windows 7.

I tried running it in compatibility mode for Windows XP and it worked but I know that’s not a fool proof check.

I have a feeling the problem is small, whatever it is – or, perhaps it is a graphics card version issue, and its just getting mixed up with XP systems. I’ll have to look around for a disk and install a VM sometime here