Windows Linux Subsystem

Been trying it out, got it working up to full complitation of example BunnyMark but it borks out at execution :
AL lib: (EE) ALCplaybackOSS_open: Could not open /dev/dsp: No such file or directory
Could not initialize SDL: No available video device.
Could not create SDL window: No available video device.
Could not create SDL renderer: Invalid window.
Error : Unsupported render context
Maybe WLS is supposed to be headless ?
Anyone tried this yet ?

This is on Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS that came updated in:


Maybe WSL is supposed to be headless

Yes, it is. It looks like some people have managed to work around it though:


Thanks, that’s a juicy thread. Thinking was as people do the same with docker so there might be a way.
Haxe and OpenFL work great, even got Cordova running now, was missing running the apps inside the WSL.

Managed to get it running, now Bunnymark throws this when I do:

$ lime run linux
Assertion ‘pthread_mutex_unlock(&m->mutex) == 0’ failed at pulsecore/mutex-posix.c:108, function pa_mutex_unlock(). Aborting.
Aborted (core dumped)

Trying to find out how to mitigate this still.
Firefox runs on VcXsrv so there’s hope.

EDIT: Had to place a / etc / dbus-1 / session.conf file in there, for some reason it wasn’t there while most info on the process refered it like it was present from onset. Provided one and edited conf to use tcp.