Windows in Lime

Two queries/problems:

When a project written in Haxe/Lime runs not in fullscreen, not one but two windows open up. The two windows occur if I call this.createWindow() in the constructor of my object derived from Application. If I leave this call out, neither of the windows opens. I could override onWindowCreate and destroy the second window, but this is inelegant and besides you can see the second window for a fraction of a second. Any reason two windows are created?

The other is behaviour that occurs when main window is resizing - under windows the display is frozen and graphics that appear are corrupted. Under linux there is no corruption, but the display is choppy, I’m guessing from double buffering. Perhaps this is not a lime issue but it would be good to make this problem go away, with the linux solution perhaps the lesser of two evils.

  • Steve

Does the Lime “HelloWorld” sample open two windows for you?

lime create HelloWorld
cd HelloWorld
lime test neko

It should use the window options set from project.xml – which defaults to having one window 800x600 (I believe) on desktop

The resizing behavior is dependent upon how SDL handles resizing – I do not think it resizes the drawing surface while the window is still being resized, but I am not sure. There’s a chance we could handle this better, but ultimately I think it is based on how it handles resizing.

Found the problem, my program was silently ignoring an exception and no windows appeared. No problem anymore.

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