WIlling to pay for some fixes


My employer would be willing to pay developers to fix a couple of issues that are currently holding back our release. Mainly, the TextField as a dynamic input field on html5 target seems to be having countless bugs, rendering it almost unusable. That’d be the most important issue for us right now.

If you’re interested please message me.

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Hi! Can you please provide more information about “hottest” bugs, that you want to be fixed?

I’ve been using DOM input elements instead of regular ones in my work projects.
Here’s the source code:
http://pastebin.com/Zu4A85rx <-- Main.hx
http://pastebin.com/5QW82fWF <-- HTMLInputField
You can position them like normal Sprites and apply CSS styles to them (eg. input.style.background = “#FFFFFF”).


thank you Mayakwd, for looking into this. I’ll contact you personally.

Also, thank you for the advice, hcwdlkk!


This is the main issue we’re running into that keeps us from rolling out our product.