Will build times get slower during development?

I’m fairly new to openfl and am coming from Java + LibGDX + Linux and wanted something to replace Java. So I’m running openfl test neko or openfl build neko and it takes around 10 seconds just loading a bitmap image. I tried performing the bitmap loading and rendering thousands of times with a for loop and the build time stays about the same. I’m not used to this long of a build time but am willing to take it if it doesn’t get any worse.

Is build time likely to get much longer over time? Is there a way to maybe shorten the build time? openfl test linux was horribly wrong and it seems this is my other option (flash wont run as a game on linux and i haven’t found a workaround).

The build time varies on the platform, but in my experience, is generally much faster than Java.

HTML5 is the fastest, then Flash, then Neko, then C++, except that C++ caches files when it compiles, so the second time you compile it tends to be much faster, maybe even faster than some other targets.

HTML5 is taking the same amount of time as Neko did.


In general, the HTML5 compile time should remain stable, even for a larger project

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