Why does it happen if project uses "-Dlegacy" than it sees working fresh?

Hello guys

I have tested because -Dlegacy version and normal version:

I have tried with SimpleOpenGLView
with command: openfl build project.xml windows and takes longer than -Dlegacy version.
Than result looks wrong color because bitmap is original aqua-blue. But application looks wrong color because it doesn’t support for “normal version”.
normal version

and I try -Dlegacy and takes short than normal version.
this result sees correct color.
legacy version

That is proof of -Dlegacy version better than normal version. If they use Away3D than you need to use -Dlegacy with openfl test windows -Dlegacy than you see Basic_Shading or whatever apps…

Why we need to use -Dlegacy?

Because Away3D, openfl or other libraries do not support to use Lime 2.9.0. Lime 2.9.0 has newest OpenGL version and has gpu version. Is it correct?

Thanks for understanding with my explainations :wink:

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