Which opengl ver/type to learn? [Answered]

So I have long been at the point with filters etc not working for windows native that I have started to teach myself opengl (all ive done so far is draw a triangle and get it to rotate along any axis lol) However there is so many different versions and it is difficult to tell what version lime is using, even (for example there is a hardcoded version number of 2 in there, and quering using the api results in something like 3755 and 705 but I am pretty sure it isnt opengl 3.7 …is it?)

From what I understand, for cross compatibility we probably use a lower version, maybe something on the level of webgl? or maybe as low as 1.2? anyways I am shopping for books (as if I don’t already have enough of those lol) and was wondering what versions of the “red book” and “blue book” to get… ive already gotten them for 4.2 but it’s painfully clear those are too advanced for w/e lime is using (for example no uniform structs, or layout support). or are there better books for the particular flavor we use? in any case I want to eventually help development :smile: esp when it comes to killer custom uniform shaders. though personally I will be targeting windows native

At least on mobile Openfl uses OpenGl ES 2, which is a subset of desktop GL. If I were you, I would learn OpenGL ES to start out with. Especially if you are interested in mobile development. Anything that works in OpenGL ES works in desktop GL, but not the other way around.

I think the OpenGL interface in OpenFL/Lime is modelled after WebGL so maybe thats a good place to start :wink:

Yeah, I would start with WebGL, that’s possible to support on all targets (GLES, desktop GL) so its what we’ve primarily targeted to unify things :slight_smile:

Awesome, thank you all for the replies! :slight_smile: