Which lime version with openFL 3.6.1?


As I have an important feature to add to my app, I don’t have the time to migrate to openFL 4 due to major change in openfl.display.Tilesheet

The question is, what version of lime to use with openFL 3.6.1? currently I downgraded to openFL 3.6.1, but I get error:

Type not found : ApplicationMain

Last version compatible with it is lime 2.9.1

Thanks, now I got this error:

Error: load.c(357) : Primitive not found : [email protected]_zlib_decompress(1)

I think its related to swf version too, what swf version to use?

The SWF library is usually more resilient to Lime changes, but recent fixes to zlib required a change at a lower level. Going back to 2.2.1 or 2.2.0 is probably going to work.

Lime and OpenFL are often released on the same day, so if you ever have doubts, check the dates

If we get the ability to support wildcard versions, I think it will help make things more resilient to this, so OpenFL can (for example) specify a minimum version of Lime to work with it, but not force an exact version number

Thanks for quick reply, I can compile now with swf 2.2.1