Where can I find a full guide to Haxe and OpenFL?

I am a complete beginner to Haxe and OpenFL but I am experienced in many other coding languages. I would preferably like a video series but anything helps, even if it’s not free.

Obviously you can start from here http://www.openfl.org/learn/

It says to learn actionscript. Is this much like Haxe or just the same idea?

Not action script in particular but its principles and api.

Here is a free openfl book that is really good, just read all and be happy (:slight_smile:


I would like to convert the “ActionScript 3.0 Developer’s Guide” into an OpenFL guide, it is a creative commons “share alike” work, so we would be able to release a modified version for free. I think that would be really valuable, but it takes time :slight_smile:

This might be a helpful starting point in the AS3 version:


A lot of the same concepts apply, and aren’t hard to understand

We also have multiple samples available

There’s also some resources here


OpenFL is written in Haxe, it shouldn’t be hard to learn, but some of the core concepts of the display list, Stage, Sprite, Graphics and other core OpenFL objects aren’t specific to the programming language, but just the workflow :slight_smile:

Rendering to the screen is tricky to find, heres basically how:

import openfl.display.DisplayObjectContainer;

_container = Lib.current.stage;


Then you just learn how to implement tilemaps, which is scattered throughout this post:

I think sprites are in the tutorials on the main OpenFL page.

The BunnyMark sample illustrates using Tilemap


Tilemap is used for quad-batching, but just learning OpenFL doesn’t require it, I personally use Bitmap, Sprite and other standard display object types :slight_smile:

What are the benefits of bitmap/Sprite over tilemap?

Simplicity, Tilemap is more efficient for thousands of objects, but a lot of projects don’t need so many objects :slight_smile: