When project use "Multibyte string directory path" then not open & When TextFiled use Multibyte string then garbled

Hello. I update haxe 4.00.
Project have “unicode directory path” then not open.
And TextFiled have unicodeString then, text is Garbled.

How to unicode directory path & TextFiled in unicodeString ?

Do you try this?

Thank you Reply.
I did not succeed in that procedure.

So I tried the steps below.
" TextField.text = new UTF8String( *** );"
var myF:Font = Assets.getFont(“assets/font/test.ttf”);
var txtFF:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
txtFF.color = 0xffffffff;
txtFF.font = myF.name;
var txtF:TextField = new TextField();
txtF.width = 300;
txtF.height = 100;
txtF.backgroundColor = 0xffffffff;
var text:UnicodeString = “テスト”;

		txtF.text = "test\n"+new UTF8String(text);

TextFiled is String showing.
Please point out if this is a mistake.

When “Windows” then TextFiled is garbled.
“TextFiled.text” is type “UTF8String”.
I think that it is not garbled if it applies to this type.