What should we use for byteArray.endian by default?

We currently use BIG_ENDIAN encoding in OpenFL ByteArray by default, in order to match Flash. This makes it confusing, though, to read and write files on a local filesystem, as most platforms are LITTLE_ENDIAN. This means that reading and writing between programs, the data will be in a different order. Using BIG_ENDIAN on LITTLE_ENDIAN CPUs may also have a performance impact. I had thought about changing this, but am concerned of the impact on ported code.

Changing this could affect some code that relies on the default endian value being BIG_ENDIAN, but most code would work unchanged.

Arguably, using the default endianness of the platform is the best approach, and is similar to most platforms, but this is a breaking change for some projects, I wanted to hear your opinion

What endianness should we use in ByteArray?

  • Use the default endianness of the host platform (LITTLE_ENDIAN for most platforms, BIG_ENDIAN for Flash)
  • Use BIG_ENDIAN on all platforms for consistency with Flash

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Thank you!

I’m tentatively voting for “use the default,” but there should definitely be a haxeflag to enable the other option. I know you can toggle ByteArray.endian, but that’s on a case-by-case basis.