What is your FPS?

Hi guys!
I pick up this shader: http://glslsandbox.com/e#21140.0
and run it with openfl.
Here is how it looks like:

Resolution: 1280x720
Builded without -Dnext.

With my old notebook core2duo, 4gb RAM and GeForce 9500gsm 512mb I got 8-10 fps.
I think it’s 2 times sowly than webgl demo. :frowning:

You can download and test it on your machine: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u2hbs0i5xcqww3p/glsl_water.zip?dl=1
And post here your FPS, please :smile:

Are you comparing to a pure JavaScript WebGL test, or are you compiling with OpenFL to test HTML5?

I didn’t found any indication on fps in either the webgl demo or the exe (though I run it in wine) so I can’t post mine, but the exe seems to perform and look better.

Exe version runs much better.

Pure JavaScript, not openfl WebGL.
Also, when I target openfl to html5 I got only white screen.

Well guys, if you got better perfomance on cpp version, that sounds very good :smile:

I’m also want to write this example on pure cpp. And than compare it with haxe. I know, that haxe will be slowly, but i’m interesting how much.