What is the benefit of desiging a language strongly typed? Like haxe itself?

Haxe is strongly typed language. What are the benefits though? I see it increases the amount of code programmers need to write and have to mention every type for almost every line of code they write.
Some benefits I hear are

  1. It helps compiler to sort variables in proper categories and thus the code compiles faster.

  2. It may probably help the IDE to make code more readable.

  3. It helps reducing the possible bugs like null pointer ( but how exactly? Cannot I just verify the variable by null comparison always?)

Are there more benefits?

No they don’t. :slight_smile: https://haxe.org/manual/type-system-type-inference.html

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Linting is a huge benefit

The number of times I’ve spent hours (or days!) searching for bugs caused by dynamic (untyped) code is shameful

I find it much quicker to let the compiler tell me where my application breaks than to find out (or not find out) at runtime