What is Neko for?

I know its a virtual machine, and it makes it fast to compile a game, but I’m wondering is that its only use? Does anybody distribute the game through Neko, or does it have any other benefits?

As far as I know, no one distributes Neko games. However, Neko is useful for server-side code, and it runs faster than PHP (though I understand that isn’t much of an achievement).

HashLink is said to be faster than Neko, but OpenFL doesn’t target it.

Neko powers our command-line tools, which is very helpful. Although it works on the desktop, I don’t think it’s suitable for release like C++ is, but HL looks promising, and may be our Neko replacement for cross-desktop builds or fast testing releases.

C#, HL or HTML5 (in a wrapper) are all on the table