What do you need to help contribute to OpenFL?

Many of you responded to the OpenFL developer survey and expressed a desire to contribute to OpenFL more.

What can we do to help make it easier to contribute to OpenFL? Please ask any questions you have or share any ideas that come to mind.

Thank you!

Do we have a way to tag PRs to let you know if it’s a performance thing, a stability thing, target specific, etc… or is that all on your side?

No it doesn’t seem that we have any right to tag issue or PR.

This might be a good approach for non-contributors:

We could also get more people rights to help assign issue labels

@intoxopox I added issue templates which should start with a basic number of tags

Also open to any suggestions on better questions to ask when opening an issue or suggesting a new feature!


Just to let you know an issue with git on linux . Since the new package splitting last month , when setting git version , there are two errors with lime build release.hxml:
classpath …/openfl/git/packages/stage3D/src is not a directory or cannot be read from
classpath …/openfl/git/packages/renderer-stage3D/src is not a directory or cannot be read from

Seems to be a case sensitive issue 3D - 3d on linux system (at least on Fedora : )
Replacing two lines in include.xml resolves it .
source path=“packages/renderer-stage3d/src” />
source path=“packages/stage3d/src” />

instead of

source path=“packages/renderer-stage3D/src” />
source path=“packages/stage3D/src” />

Thank you .


This should be corrected in version 9.0.1 (just submitted to Haxelib)

Thank you , it works with git version .
But although tar and zip ’ release have the update , 9.0.1 version downloaded from haxelib cmd has not yet taken the last updated include.xml nor ExtraParams.hx . (the package have the last update except 3d - 3D )
https://lib.haxe.org/p/openfl/9.0.1/files/openfl/lib/ have the update . I do not know from which server haxelib downloads the package , I tried from different system and install . I see two ip one from lib.haxe.org one from amazon . perhaps one mirror did not take it .

Edit: forget it , it’s working now with haxelib cmd . Thank you .

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