WeChat small game support library

To welcome the arrival of the OpenFL 8.7.0 version, send a small gift, and introduce the library to generate the game running on the WeChat game.

Installation command:
haxelib install wechatcore

Need to introduce the library wechatcore, while import WxCore;

This library’s support for audio is not perfect, but it also implements a common.media.Sound interface.

If you have problems with the library, you can ask me a question in github.:grin:

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You don’t need to modify openfl / lime one line of code to run, you need openfl8.7.0 version.

mind sharing your github link for the source code?

@nyckevinwong Here’s the Github link :slight_smile:

Thank you, I misunderstood what he said.:smiley:

No worries! Thank you so much for sharing :smiley:

This is a Demo example of Openfl, which is now running under the WeChat runtime environment.