WebSocket on Android

Is it possible to use WebSocket connection on android?
I’m using this lib https://github.com/soywiz/haxe-ws and it works on flash and html5 target but not on Android.
I got

SocketSys.hx:37: socket.connected!

but open event newer occur so I can’t communicate with server.
Any idea?

I can’t speak for this library, but we do have sockets in OpenFL.

If there is a problem with openfl.net.Socket or XMLSocket, please let me know :slight_smile:

No, there isn’t problem with sockets. I have to make new game for client with server connection.
He want web and mobile version of game. game must be connected with server (server is already running). I just get web address and port info I didn’t know what type of server it is. I discover it’s WebSocket.
I don’t have experience with WebSocketr before. So as I understand: connection to WebSocket can be only through web page, for mobile I should use socket and server connection should be through TCP?
If I use Socket class to connect WebSocket I can’t establish communication.