Website on Open FL

Converted a flash website to HTML5.0 using Open FL, some days ago. Here is the demo video :

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Nice site :slight_smile:
Can you please elaborate on the difficulties that you’ve encountered, and how you managed to overcome them?

I think, none of them were serious, but here are some I can list :
Most canvas based Javascript frameworks are still developing. So a small chance, that a minor bug here and there, which anyone will take time to figure out. For example, I remember there was a bug related to textfield showing half length on the output, and it took a lot of time for me to figure out that it was some framework bug and not generated by my code. I had reported some of them here.

Then getting in habit of the way code is structured, compiled ( using the project.xml file ), putting proper tags for every plugin you want. It is not at all serious but can be kind of new for people from Flash background .

Also, since there is no IDE, all the assets need to be prepared manually. So, if a component is complex, then it means a good planning and code is needed to load each piece and programmatically display the final component design. This actually adds to a lot of GUI code.

I am not sure about the latest version of open-fl, but at that time the version of open-fl I was using, I had to use hit-test, for every type of button ( that needs to be clicked ) I was using. So, I personally found it hard to manage it.