WebGL puzzle game


currently i have to port some flash games to html, haxe was the first choice. To get familiar with haxe i did a small game, made it run on all my devices, even a smart tv, but i’m still not sure if it may not work on special browsers etc.

Please see G.E.M.S

I would be nice to get some feedback, thanks in advance!


Very nice!

I did not catch (at first) that there was a limit on moves, and that I was trying to collect a number of only specific colors of gems, but afterward I think it played nicely :slight_smile:

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Technically if a browser doesn’t support webGL it should go back to canvas and even IE11 can run canvas games so you should be covered on “special” (old AF) browsers.

(To force the build to always use canvas add “-Dcanvas” to your build parameter)

Edit: Some extra advice.

  • uBlock Origin on my Chrome browser blocks “share.png” and thus your game doesn’t load. But this is really situational (and fixed by renaming assets that have names like “ad” “share” “facebook” etc).
  • When you are ready to deploy your game, add <haxeflag name="--no-traces" /> to your project.xml. It will supress your traces giving you a cleaner output for the end user. (And sometimes chrome can eat away all your ram with traces and crashes everything)

(PS: Awesome job on the elements rearranging when the screen ratio changes)

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Loading indicator doesn’t show up, for ~5-7 seconds I see a black screen. I even thought that it doesn’t work.

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nice game, great performance on non-accelerated browsers as well
besides the already mentioned technical issues i noticed the game gives you a bit wrong advice:
first it says “combine five matching gems into a pickaxe” but shows springs instead, and on the next game it’s the opposite: it shows “combine seven gems into a spring” but the graphics shows pickaxes :slight_smile:
this is just a minor thing, the game works nicely

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Hi, could you please check the logs if there is an error message?

Chrome 67.0.3396.99 64x

Failed to load resource: net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND blob:https://gemframe.plutoniumbytes.com/7b7ba53a-341b-4548-bc84-476d38267e75, but after reloading (with ctrl + r/ctrl + f5), no error, only Info/GameAnalytics entries