WebGL: INVALID_OPERATION: bindTexture: attempt to use a deleted object

Hi all,

Does anyone know how to process this issue?


__bindGLTexture2D: function(texture) {
this.__contextState.__currentGLTexture2D = texture;

in openfl.js

Are you using Stage3D? Do you use a texture after it has already been disposed?

I made some changes in the dev version of OpenFL just now that might help with this but perhaps there’s a way to step around it without building from the source

Hi Joshua,

Yes, I using Stage3D, Starling and Feathers UI framework with Apache Royale.

Thank you for Texture dispose fix.

Does this occur with the latest version of OpenFL?

It is run in normally now, if it happen again I will report in here.

Many thanks for your help.

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