WebGL 2.0 API on cpp targets?

Are we going to see it anytime soon?
VAO related functionality at least (create/bind/deleteVertexArray), its available in WebGL 1.0 via extensions.

I was able to make BabylonHx compatible with OpenFL (mixed 3D with 2D on top) in js target, but VAOs are essential part of this

Yes! and no.

We added support for GLES3 APIs on native, but for Windows and macOS, had some issues with getting things to build properly if the system lacked some of these methods. It works for Android and iOS, if we force GLES3, but we have not sorted out dynamically falling back to GLES2 if GLES3 is not available on the system. Would love help, if anyone is interested

You should make targeting GLES3 possible via flag (could be set in project.xml) since it already there so we can test it out.

It requires a rebuild of the Lime native binaries from source, here’s where we define it for Linux:

I believe there was an issue on Android where having a GLES3-compatible library required a minimum Android NDK version much higher than we use at the moment, so it’s somewhat more complex