Ways to quickly look up API documentation from editor

It’s my first time trying out OpenFL (and Haxe) and I’ve decided to use the Vaxe plugin for it, which seems to mostly work although I haven’t quite yet got the integration with YCM down yet. I was wondering if there was a way to search api.openfl.org by giving it a search query? Similar to something like https://docs.python.org/2/search.html?q=

More generally, I would like to reduce the friction for getting the documentation for the API - what techniques/tools should I use?

Haxe can provide documentation along with syntax information. I’m not sure if Vaxe is polling this information, but it may be that it could parse the additional inline documentation and present it somewhere.

We do this with the Lime Visual Studio Code plugin, so you can get information about classes, fields and parameters while you are coding. There is a search field on http://api.openfl.org, but I believe it is all client-side, and GET parameters don’t appear to work. We use the standard template from the https://github.com/haxefoundation/dox project to generate our HTML API output, so I’m sure there’s ways it would be possible to improve that as well

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Thanks singmajesty, on further tinkering it looks like Vaxe does display documentation and autocomplete for methods (but no documentation on modules), and some bindings don’t seem to be available so I’ll poke around the plugin a bit more. I’ll make sure to check out the VS plugin though to see what I’m missing out on, cheers!