Wav files on HTML5 target

Does anyone know what’s the problem with .wav files on html? From network activity I found that requests are sent to the nonexistent .ogg files. Here’s where it’s happening in generated js:

while(_g3 < sounds.length) {
    var soundName = sounds[_g3];
    var sound1 = new openfl_media_Sound();
    // ignores everything but .ogg
    sound1.load(new openfl_net_URLRequest(soundName + ".ogg"));

Currently, the HTML5 support is designed to expect WAV, MP3 and OGG of all files. Depending on the browser, it may want different audio formats, so unlike native, we can’t really assume that one file will cut it :frowning:

Well, I tested in chromium and firefox and they both support wav. But looking at that code I assume It only tries .ogg. Why is that?

It tries OGG, then MP3, then WAV, I think

I don’t believe it does. I don’t know if you’re dev or what, but here’s the simple test project (html5 and flash are prebuilt) SoundTest.zip. Free to take a look in a spare time.