WASM/EMScripten Build error


I tested WASM with Lime that I build manually from the source
While I can create Lime dev build that support WASM,unfortunately I could not build the project that targets it.
other build target like Flash,HTML5 are just fine

Thank you

I didn’t have this problem before, but the issue should be resolved in the Lime development release.

FYI, I have had difficulty updating the Emscripten SDK properly on Windows. The steps I had to take were:

1.) Run the Emscripten SDK installer
2.) Run emsdk update
3.) Remove all the files under “C:\Program Files\Emscripten” except for the downloaded “zips/emsdk_windows_update.zip” file and the "Uninstall.exe"
4.) Extract the Windows update ZIP into the Emscripten directory
5.) Run emsdk install latest
6.) Run emsdk activate latest
7.) Run lime rebuild hxcpp emscripten
8.) Run lime rebuild emscripten

So,here’s what I do:
I update the Lime repo and pull it
I didn’t change anything to EMSDK as you suggest since I have the latest, I leave as is . (I also use that in par with other tech that currently support WASM, so I don’t want to break anything)
then when I rebuild emscripten I got this:
wasmopfl next

Previously it could correctly recognize where is emcc. In windows, the location is C:\progrfiles\Emsrcipten\emscripten[version]\emcc
wasmopfl pervious

So how to tell Lime so it could recognize the emcc location?

I have not gotten Lime running with Emscripten 1.35.0, it does not support ALLOW_MEMORY_GROWTH using WebAssembly (I believe) and also results in compile errors for me.

If Emscripten is not in your path, then you might consider adding <setenv name="EMSCRIPTEN_SDK" value="C:\Program Files\Emscripten\emscripten\1.37.18" /> to your “C:\Users<user name>.lime\config.xml” file, or whichever Emscripten SDK version you use, but I have not had success on some older releases of Emscripten

Did you also install other things like Clang/LLVM tool?
updating EMScripten to 1.37.18 (without LLVM/Clang) I got this:
wasmopfl failed to generate llvm

Please make sure your Emscripten base install is properly updated, on my system, the emsdk update command DOES NOT properly work, it reports a permissions error in the extract step. Not manually updating these files resulted in errors when trying to build.

If you are sure those files are up-to-date (use emsdk update and be sure there is no error extracting the windows update ZIP) then the next thing you could try is a -clean build of Lime, but I repeat that Emscripten did not work properly on Windows for me until I manually unzipped the update :confused: