WARNING's on build HTML5 +minify

After update OpenFL / Lime to [8.9.0] [7.3.0] each time I use

openfl build html5 -minify

I see next warnings on any project (OpenFl samples too)

WARNING - If this if/for/while really shouldn't have a body, use {}

if I don’t use ‘-minify’ then no warnings.


This appears to be a consequence of how we combine the application JS + our external script files. We are running the minifier on all of them, but we should try and only minify the application JS

I can’t fix this for the Lime release today but we’ll try and look at this on GIT

I opened an issue here:

I see it’s not fixed yet. :roll_eyes:

This issue block my upgrade from version Openfl 8.8.0 / Lime 7.2.1 where there is no warning.
Because these warnings kills my logs of compiling and hang up teamcity agent… (each warning dump full code because all code in one line after minify - it’s a horrable log while building 100+ projects)

Have any idea how to prevent these warnings?

I think it’s resolved in the dev version of Lime?