Warning if you have problem with Visual Studio 2015 Community - Net Frameworks 4.0 Hotfix!

Hello everyone,

If you have happened by failed installers like your Visual C++ Express 2010 ( include with Net Frameworks 4.0 ).

Net Frameworks 4.5.x and 4.6.x do not have to bring netfx_core.mzz and netfx_extended.mzz and they were installing with failed net framework 4.0 installers and Net Frameworks 4.6.1 Developer Pack Installer need to install netfx_core.mzz and netfx_extended.mzz

Windows Installer has conflicts with Visual C++ 2010 redistributable ( x86 and x64 ). Unfortunately you must uninstall all redistributable installers like 2005, 2008 and 2010. But I don’t know if Windows Installer doesn’t have conflict with newer redistributables of Visual C++ 2012, 2013, 2015 …

Windows Clean Up
Netfx Clean Up Tool
Netfx Setup Verifier
Possible fresh re-install with Windows !?!?

You need to run Dotnetfx clean up tool all frameworks if they have failure of installers- If you don’t know than you check netfx setup verifer and shows “verification failed, …” You need fix…

  1. Download net frameworks 4.0 offline package and create directory “backup_netfx” and type via cmd!

cd path-to-downloaded-netfx && dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64.exe /X

  1. Choose backup_netfx and wait while it unpacks whole file contents!

  2. Run as Admin with cmd

cd path-to-netfx && RGB9RAST_(arch).msi

  1. Wait while small installation window hides than you type more!!

netfx_core_(arch).msi extui=1 && netfx_extended_(arch).msi extui=1

  1. Restart your computer nd wait until show admin mode net framework installer and prompt it and wait ca 1 minute!

  2. Download all net frameworks 4.5.x - 4.6.x and create all directories like example netfx_45, netfx_451, … netfx_461

  3. Copy netfx_core.mzz and netfx_extended.mzz from backup_netfx to all directories of newer net frameworks

  4. Run as admin with cmd.exe and type!

cd path-to-netfx_45 && netfx_full.msi extui=1

  1. Retry all net frameworks version from step 8 example: netfx_451 …

  2. If you are finished to install all versions of net frameworks than you need to reboot computer

  3. Check netfx setup verifier with all net frameworks versions!

Product verification succeeded

Yeah and you need to be careful with netfx 4.6.1 developer pack
You need to copy netfx_core.mzz and netfx.mzz to auto-generated directory of Net Frameworks 4.6.1 while "Processing Net Frameworks 4.6.1"
Please past faster because it can get failure of net frameworks 4.0 from net frameworks 4.6.1 developer pack.

Than you check netfx setup verifier again!

Product verification succeeded

Take a deep breath! You will be happy…

And restart Computer!

You can install with Visual Studio 2015 Community - I am sure because it is completed… Yeah!

Than it works fine like fresh net frameworks because Build Tool 2015 crashed since failure of net frameworks 4.0.

Thanks for fixing problem with Visual Studio 2015 Community :slight_smile:

Enjoy your development with hxcpp and Visual Studio 2015 Community
Please don’t forget to add from command line!

lime build windows -vs14
openfl build windows -vs14
nme test windows -vs14 -static

Only example lines…

(arch) means x64 or x86

Thanks for understanding!

// Edit Good news - don’t need to use -static!!! Because Visual Studio 2015 makes as embedded single application.

  • If you notice size of finish-compiled application ( *.exe )
    Try finish compiled application example HelloWorld from lime than you copy and past outside of bin directory like without lime.ndll, manifest, regexp.dll, std.dll and zlib.dll

finish-compiled upto 5.3 mb I don’t know that is why we don’t need to add -static wow. Visual Studio 2015 Community can embed all files from bin directory into single application. WOW I am very happy now. I do not need to bring 5 files.

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