VS Code and Haxe Problem

I am a beginner trying to create a new mod for a game called
“Friday Night Funkin”
And when I try to compile the game to test it, this thing appears.

I’m using Windows Power Shell, and I am following a tutorial from BrightFyre.
Please help me on this topic, I’ve done everything necessary.
Haxe is installed, VS Code is installed.

I think you have to first run haxelib run lime setup once to add lime in the command line.

I’ll see if it makes a change. Thank you!

This is what I see when I use the command you gave me.
It just says “Error: Could not find haxelib “flixel-addons”, does it need to be installed?”

As the error message says, try installing the missing package :
haxelib install flixel-addons