Video texture on Starling?

Hi, I’m starting to check out the starling framework on openfl and found the results very interesting. However, video is always a major issue to me. The flash platform version of starling supports a video texture, but can the openfl version do the same? For what targets (flash and html5 are precious to me)?

HTML5 VideoTexture should be implemented :slight_smile:

Oh, I see… so, for now we still can’t use it, right? So sad…

I also wait for this feature …

Is there any workaround for this? A way to show video on html5 starling until we get the video texture support?

For now I use openfl Video class for displaying video on hml5 target.

Yes, this is working for me. However it makes the video to be always displayed above the rest of the content. We cant merge it on the “starling display order”.

Usually, on AIR Starling, you can play classic DisplayList video above Starling instance. It’s good if you only need to play video above all other content.

Yes, but unfortunately this is not my case :frowning:

Sorry for the misunderstanding, I was saying that VideoTexture (on Starling) should work on HTML5. We don’t have video on native right now, but if you’re targeting HTML5 then you should be covered.

Here’s some sample code:

(you can enable it with openfl test html5 -Ddemo-video on the Starling sample)

Hey, it worked! I did try it before with the starling demo, but it kept saying that video texture was not supported. I noticed that “SystemUtil.supportsVideoTexture” (checked on the video scene) always return false, even if you have support.

Now I can’t make it work on flash :slight_smile:

Hi, what about the video texture performance on FLash? On HTML5 it works great, but on Flash output it has some issues while built as and AIR/Android app. On Windows and iOS the performance is nice, but on Android the video playback is very choppy.

Flash Player and AIR are up to Adobe to implement, maybe they have to do StageVideo for acceptable video on Android?

I see. I was just checking if someone had the same experience since the Android playback is so different from the other platforms… Anyway, StageVideo is no good: I can’t rotate it neither apply any other transforms to it except from translation. I will keep using the standard video object - it plays well on Android or any other platform.