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Having trawled through just about every thread regarding video in native output’s and trying pretty muchg every option out there, openfl video, webm etc, I had to eventually give in on my latest project as none of them seemed to work with the latest iterations of Lime, Openfl etc.

I had to resort to running a command line temporary webserver locally and then auto open an HTML5 version in the browser, it works but isn’t very clean.

I understand the major stumbling block has been licensing to date, so wondered if there had been any thoughts regarding the OpenH264 project by Cisco (, this clearly states it is free for all platforms, and being h264 maybe viable to update the standard openfl video solution that works great in html5 and flash.

I’d love to hear any response as I feel missing video on native is a real shortcoming for cross platform support at the moment.



Did you happen to read this thread:


Well, like Franky says i’ve been working on a VLC integration for native. But its windows only right now… however; mac/linux support should be fairly simple. It havent been released yet as im not fully happy with the solution… but it does work :slight_smile: … Hope to do a early release before the summer!

You can read more about it here:

Thanks, and just when you thought you’d checked all the video threads out :blush:

A Mac OSX version would be great, most of our stuff is Windows so that would be great, however the client informed us at the last moment that all their sales guys were actually on Macbook Pro’s :cold_sweat:

This thread just went meta-meta.

Sorry to be pushy, but why not release it now and let the community clean it and refine it? Even an ugly solution is better than having nothing right now. Personally, I’ve thrown openFL out of the window since it doesn’t serve my needs of native video on windows.

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Very cool! :slight_smile:

Works just fine.

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Dude, your work is amazing, quite what I needed. Thank you very much.

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Cool! It should work fine, I’ve used it in some projects. The VLC lib doesn’t properly handle gpu decoding however… and there are some hacks in there to handle the OpenFL integration…

I’m working on some externs for VLC so we can use haxe only without the cpp glue :grin:

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Is dispose and disposeonstop working ok for you folks ?
Also, trying to get global number of frames brings back an accurate number ?

If you find something thats not working, please create an issue for it on Github and i will take a look at it!! :slight_smile:

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