Video does not work in Starling demo

Hi there,

I am trying to show a video without success (AIR target…but it looks like there is the same problem with HTML5 target)…even the Starling demo VideoScene does not work.

Texture.fromNetStream(ns, 1, function(texture:Texture):Void
      image = new Image(texture);

The “READY” trace is never dispatched.
Any idea or workaround?

Lime does not support video playback on native platforms, but video should work with OpenFL and HTML5

Hi singmajesty,

I am aware of this (I am targeting AIR & HTML5, not native), but it seems that something is broken with Starling (OpenFL video is working).
When I try the Starling VideoScene demo, it does not work as the “onComplete” function attached to Texture.fromNetStream is never executed.

It seems there was a change on this method (I can see in an old app that the “onComplete” function attached to Texture.fromNetStream had no parameter before)…and now it does not work anymore.

Thanks for the feedback

I just committed a few fixes to OpenFL (both develop and develop-v9 branches) that should improve how openfl.display3D.textures.VideoTexture is updated in OpenGL. It also resolves a number of minor issues and makes NetStream dispatch events from itself as well as the NetConnection object as well :slight_smile:

I found out (however) that the video was not updating properly on the Flash target, either!

I have committed an update to the Starling demo which runs setRequireRedraw() while video playback is enabled. Together the demo is working properly for me on both branches for Flash and HTML5 :slight_smile:

Thanks !

It works on flash and HTML5 !
Unfortunately I have a bug on AIR target…


The video does not play… :frowning_face:

It seems it’s an old unresolved adobe AIR bug (link)

I am not sure I can find a workaround…

EDIT : it works if I use an older AIR SDK… :slight_smile:

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