very specific question

Hello, I want to build an app with several tabs for pc , web and mobile using same code base and I want one of the tabs to have a few buttons and a multiline multiline text input field AND TWO WEB VIEWS, one for showing an online webpage and the other to view how the html code written in the text input field will look like , I have chosen haxe language because it says it can publish for all platforms using same code , but I am new to this language so I don’t know how to do it in haxe or if its even possible, so please help me to do it in deep details (and I mean tiniest and finest details and step by step as if you were showing a child how to do it)

this will be my first time to code in haxe so please details and also please don’t redirect me to a general tutorial

, thanks in advance

Hello, and welcome!

Unfortunately, there is not currently a cross-platform webview. One option for this might be to use an HTML5 application everywhere, and to use iframes instead of webviews. A solution such as Electron would let you bundle it up as a desktop application, then PhoneGap or Cordova for mobile, and it would on the web as well. This could be coded in Haxe or JavaScript.

At the very least, you would need a solution like this for your web target. If you’d prefer to have a native desktop or mobile target, it would require a little work, but building this once (for the web) then putting in a web wrapper for other targets might have the most simplicity?

thanks for the quick response , but are you telling me i can’t build an internet explorer in haxe ?

No, what I mean is that if you want to embed Internet Explorer or Chromium within a Haxe native application, there may be some C++ work to do. It’s not impossible and can be done.

Haxe outputs to a lot of target environments, so one way of approaching it would be using the Haxe JavaScript target, and running in a web environment. Doing a Haxe native project would require a bit of work to add a webview. There’s an extension for iOS and Android webviews, but not for desktop currently. :slight_smile: