Versions of OpenFl, Lime & Haxe that will work in Visual Studio Code for macOS

The latest versions that I’ve had success with are Lime 7.7.0, OpenFl 8.9.6 and Haxe 4.0.5. Updating any of those to a later version has made VSC unusable. The usual problem is that one or more of them are not recognized and so doing any kind of build is impossible. In a few combinations, a build produced errors in the code for one or more of those libraries, not in my code.

If anyone has been successful in installed later versions of Lime, OpenFl and Haxe and used VSC for macOS to successfully build projects, preferably Html5 projects, please describe what versions were used and how you installed each, and what VSC extensions were required.

Thanks in advance!

Just checked

  • Haxe 4.4.2
  • Lime 7.9.0
  • OpenFL 9.1.0

working perfectly fine in VSCode (macOS) with extensions

  • Haxe
  • HXCPP debugger
  • Lime

I recommend a full uninstall/wipe of vscode (including preferences, settings etc), then start over

Haxe 4.2.2, Lime 7.9.0, and OpenFL 9.1.0 are working for me on macOS.

Removed Haxe folder and installed Haxe 4.2.2. The Haxe installer pkg would skipped the Destination Select option (???) and wanted to install for all users. So I uncompressed the tar file and moved it to the desired user local/lib folder, used haxelib setup to set default folder and verified with haxe --version.

In Apple Terminal
Typed haxelib install openfl to install OpenFl
Typed openfl setup to install Lime, HXCpp, etc.and answered y to **Do you want to install the “openfl” command?
Typed haxelib install hxp
Verified versions in terminal: Haxe 4.4.2, Lime 7.9.0, OpenFL 9.1.0
Removed and reinstalled VSC with extensions Haxe 2.32.2, Lime 1.4.2 and HXCPP Debugger 1.2.4

Started VSC and got the same error message from the Haxe extension that I’ve had for awhile now but didn’t seem to hinder me:

“Unable to build cache - completion features may be slower …”

Haxe Dependencies shows only Haxe 4.2.2. No OpenFl or Lime

In the VSC Terminal I can type and exceute Lime commands like “lime: test html5” When I di I get this message:

Error: Library swf is not installed
Error: Could not process asset libraries (swf)
The terminal process “/bin/zsh ‘-c’, ‘lime test html5 --connect 6000’” terminated with exit code: 1.

Restarted VSC several times, but OpenFl and Lime are never listed in Haxe Dependencies.

Any ideas?

It’s telling you that you still need to install a required library before it can build successfully.

haxelib install swf

Finally able to install latest versions of OpenFl, Lime, Haxe, etc. only to find out bugs that I had reported concerning OpenFl implementation of SimpleButton class still existed. Too many of my projects use SimpeButton so I’m forced to go back to 8.9.6 which also means goin back and using older versions of haxe and lime.

Thanks anyway!