Version update: Fullscreen on Windows target issues: Where did "ScreenMode" go?

Hey there, I haven’t been active in quite a while. Before my timeout in OpenFL/Lime dev, my project was running in

  • lime [2.9.1]
  • openfl [3.6.1]

I’ve just upgraded to

  • lime [3.7.4]
  • openfl [4.8.1]

(Please ask for other haxelib versions if necessary)

In the earlier version there was this super convenient “ScreenMode” class, that allowed me to run the game in a borderless fulscreen.

Like this:

var mode : ScreenMode;
			mode = new flash.system.ScreenMode();
			mode.width = 1280;
			mode.height = 720;
			mode.refreshRate = 60;
			mode.format = flash.system.PixelFormat.BGRA8888;

After the update, I realize that this ScreenMode funtion is gone, but can’t find any documentation on it.
Is there anything that replaces this functionality in newer versions?

And if there’s a way to look those kinds of updates up, please let me know so I don’t have to pester the forum for these kinds of questions in the future.

Thanks :slight_smile:

We added a Display class in Lime that gives information about connected monitors and display modes:

var display = stage.window.display;
trace (display.currentMode);
trace (display.supportedModes);

We do not yet support display mode switching in Lime, other than going fullscreen. However, the primary blocker for implementing display mode switching was that we had no API for polling the available display modes for the target display.

I currently have an enhancement issue open here:

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Just added! :success:

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