Vector Rendering inconsistent across browsers

I’m porting an app to HTML5 using Haxe/OpenFL.

I’ve found that vector rendering is not consistent across browsers.
The app works as expected in the latest versions of Chrome Firefox and IE, but in Firefox Chrome and Opera vector graphics don’t render properly.

Anyone know why this is?

This could be a difference in canvas implementations, which versions of Firefox and Opera? Nowadays Opera and Chrome should have the same underlying engine

Referenced browsers in the wrong order…I meant to say Firefox and IE works but Chrome and Opera have issues.

Tested in Opera version 27.0 and Chrome version 41.0.

Thanks for the PM, let me know if it might be possible to get the exact code so I can do some deeper tests here :slight_smile:

Turns out it was a bug in my code. I wasn’t setting the fill opacity correctly. Interesting that different browsers “broke” in different ways.