Using Tilesheet.TILE_RGB when targeting flash

Hi all,

Has anyone got a working example where they are successfully re-colouring parts of their tilesheet when ‘doing a drawtiles’ and targeting the flash player ? (I’ve got it working roughly in html5 though)

I’ve read this post below and I still can’t tell if what I’m doing is technically possible. I just want my balls to go blue dynamically !

Thanks for any assistance in advance - this is my first proper wall-hitting experience, as up to now all other stuff has been pretty well documented : )


Hmm, I am guessing TILE_RGB is not implemented for the Flash tile renderer, since a standard drawTriangles does not support color transforms. I think we need to re-think this API, or at least the Flash implementation

cheers matey ! I’ll do some pre-rendering instead then !