Using TextField as mask on native platform. Possible?


I know using Shape as a mask works fine on native platforms, but I can’t make it work with TextField. It works fine in flash, but not on native platforms.
Is it possible, or I should used copyPixels instead if I need letter shaped mask?

In OpenFL “v2” on native, the TextField uses a special render method that bypasses what most other objects use – this may be the cause of it not working as a mask. I’m not sure if “bitmapData.draw” would be of any use?

In “next”, TextField is one of the few remaining features we need to implement, so this is something I will keep in mind. I’m not fully sure what the best recommendation at the moment would be, does it need to be dynamic? Could you generate the graphic in advance?

If it actually doesn’t work (which looks like the case), it’s probably worth adding it in the comments of the mask field or TextField.
I’ve already re-implemented it with bitmapData.draw and bitmapData.copyChannel to use letter’s alpha shape [= works well.

I imagine it’s a very rare use case, so it may be not worth sacrificing text rendering performance, if it comes to that.