Using OpenFL for windows

So I’ve been using OpenFL for a while and I’m getting used to the Haxe language and everything. However, I ran into a bug with something I was working on. I’m using Flashdevelop, by the way. Anyways, the bug showed up when I ran it for the Neko target, but when I run it for the html5 target, the bug doesn’t show up. So I try testing it on the windows target, and it doesn’t work. But I mean that it just won’t start because it can’t find MingW in the directory or whatever. I install MingW, and it says “missing libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll” and “missing libstdc+±6.dll” so I find those files and put them in the same directory as the .exe in my project’s folders and it still won’t work. Needless to say, I probably screwed a lot of things up trying to fix my problem, so how do I get my project to run when targeting windows? Should I use a different C++ compiler? Any help would be lovely.

Try building on Neko. The installation is pretty straight-forward, and it runs on Windows. It’s much simpler than setting up the C++/Windows target.

I usually build on Neko, but when I built on Neko, a bug showed up. When I built it on html5, the bug was gone. I want to see if the bug is Neko’s fault or my fault, or atleast I did, initially. Now, I figure if I ever actually make an application it’d be best for me to do it targeting windows. It’s not too important because the bug isn’t really anything major, but I just want to know how to build for windows if I ever need to.