Using openfl/dragonbones; What is Wrong With My Export?

I’m using openfl/dragonbones with openfl-starling and Haxe.

I exported my project with data version 5.0 from DB 5.6. I loaded it up to the PerformanceTest demo at openfl/dragonbones that uses opefl-starling. (Plain OpenFL + dragonbones does not support mesh)
It worked, but I renamed some slots in my project, which was a feature added after 5.0. Thus, all the renamed slots did not show.

So, I downgraded to DB 5.0 and fixed the project to work with DB 5.0.
I loaded that up with the demo, and now the demo won’t load at all, showing this error:

ArgumentError at dragonBones.objects::SkinSlotData/addMesh() at dragonBones.parsers::ObjectDataParser/_parseDisplay() at dragonBones.parsers::ObjectDataParser/_parseSlotDisplaySet() at dragonBones.parsers::ObjectDataParser/_parseSkin() at dragonBones.parsers::ObjectDataParser/_parseArmature() at dragonBones.parsers::ObjectDataParser/parseDragonBonesData() at dragonBones.factories::BaseFactory/parseDragonBonesData() at StarlingRender/_addArmature() at StarlingRender/_addToStageHandler() at at at starling.display::DisplayObject/dispatchEvent() at starling.display::DisplayObjectContainer/broadcastEvent() at starling.display::DisplayObjectContainer/broadcastEventWith() at starling.display::DisplayObjectContainer/addChildAt() at starling.core::Starling/initializeRoot() at starling.core::Starling/initialize() at starling.core::Starling/onContextCreated()

I figure something’s wrong with my export, but IDK what that something is.

If this is not the appropriate place for this, I apologize; I am very new to this community and OpenFL in general.

Thanks in advance!

NVM, fixed.
It was an issue caused by openfl/dragonbones not liking multiple meshes in a single slot sharing the same name (aka being of the same image).

Fixed by copy&pasting the image.

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