Using Old Versions for more compact HTML5 sizes

Continuing the discussion from HTML5 better code size reduction:

In regard to this discussion, I wanted to note that for some of my smaller games without any complex attributes, I used an older version of Lime/OpenFL etc to keep file sizes more managable:

Haxe installer 3.1.3 (works with older Lime installations, newer versions cause error ‘Lime could not be found’)
lime-tools 1.8.6
lime 1.0.1
openfl 2.0.1

With this combination and using dom rendering the games would come in around 300kb - 400kb in size.

Many newer features were missing but for my more simplistic games it was more than suitable. Dom rendering is the only way to use these effectively for quality of on screen display.

in my lime-babylonHX arrangement … by comparison,
that generated javascript code is smaller in filesize (610 KB, full dce + minified)
as pure babylon.js (932 KB, minified) ^~