Using MinimalCompsHX in Openfl

Has anyone used MinimalCompsHX

I ‘installed’ it with haxelib but can’t seem to access it in my project… should I just git clone it into the project or what? thanks.

… I just cloned the repo as if it was another project.

I used the <source> tag to include the code, but the font wouldn’t embed with the <assets> tag, so I had to copy it into my new project. Any reason why? Are you allowed to have multiple folders all renamed “assets”?

Is the font embedded using @:font or is it a standard Assets.getFont?

import flash.text.Font;

@:font("assets/pf_ronda_seven.ttf") class RondaSevenFont extends Font {}

Ah, see if it works if you add the path to the “font” directory as a source path, not an asset path.

Those macros work by Haxe class paths, not asset paths. For this reason, I almost wonder if I should automatically add asset paths as class paths, or if that would be asking for trouble :wink:

haha, damn.

As is, it’s not working in html5! but the font renders properly in neko, mac, flash.

I’ll give it a shot!