Using Lime alone?


I want to get started programming in Haxe, and I figured Lime would be useful for managing platforms.

I see the Lime comes from OpenFL and is usually used with it. But are there resources on how to use Lime alone? I don’t really like the Flash API so I want to try just Lime.

Is that possible? Where do I get started on that?


from being a person that has dropped everything to just know HAXE/OPENFL only about 2/3 days ago, im pretty happy with the API. i kind of see it a little bit like C# and AS3 had a weird baby. but happy its not actually flash itself :wink:

ive not actually seen LIME by itself really, just that its incorporated with OPENFL.
i understand as to why you dont wat to, though i did do some AS2 many moons ago, and it has taken a bit of time to unlearn some things my most recent things like lua and c++ in favour of just using HAXE/OPENFL.

im pretty happy myself, and there is more info on getting to know OPENFL than LIME. but it is personal preference for us all :wink:

hope you find something, if not there is plenty to get stuck into and learn OPENFL :wink:

You can definitely use lime alone, and the best example would be openfl.
There’s not much documentation on it though, the common starting point would be to extends

What exactly do you mean by that?

Well I just meant, Lime seems like a good layer of abstraction for platform-related stuff so I can just write my code.

I still have to write rendering code on multiple platforms, but is still takes a bit of pain away.

But as I see, there’s no documentation for Lime. I have been able to setup a project with it and I suppose I’ll look at OpenFL’s source to see how to use it properly.

The reason I don’t want to use OpenFL is that I don’t really like the spirit of the Flash API, and I want to implement my own API (which will be very simple, but enough for what I want).

I’m using lime alone without OpenFL and started with looking through code of lime-samples - I think it’s good starting point.
I’ve come to extending as @ibilon said. And about platform abstraction I think too that lime is very good at providing platform agnostic window management, input, audio and it comes with good gl wrapper.

Oh I didn’t notice there were samples, I’ll give it a look then, thanks for the info

Please feel free to ask questions, we’re continuing to build as we go, hopefully (most things?) are pretty self-explanatory, but we’re also interested in feedback for how it can continue to be an asset and a great bootstrap layer to help unify (without watering down) each platform :slight_smile: