Using js.Browser to get information from the html page. Can it break?

I am using

js.Browser.document.getElementById(‘htmlvars’).innerHTML )

to get information from the index.html page. To imitate functionality similar to flashvars.

Since I am using in my project, I want to confirm if :
Is it possible that it might break in some condition, and may not output the required value? Like browser incompatibility?

The latest version supports loaderInfo.parameters in the lime.embed call in the HTML template. That might be a bit more convenient, and I’d love feedback

Otherwise, your above code should probably work if it executes after the HTML element is present on the page

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Ok. Ya, I had read about it in another thread, and also had tried to use loaderInfo for preloaders. But could not make it work. I will try to use it again though. Thanks.

Ok, I just installed the latest openfl 4.9.1 and lime 4.0.2 and both the preloader and the loaderInfo.parameters seem to be working fine.