Using JoystickEvent in OpenFL

I’m currently trying to play around with the OpenFL JoystickEvent library. Thing is, I have found a proper guide and my google searches tend to push me towards HaxePunk, NME, Flixel and Actionscript 3 for integrating usb gamepad support.

How would I go about integrating basic hardware joystick support using OpenFL’s JoystickEvent? Any link to a guide or tutorial would be greatly appreciated. If that’s not the case, am I better off using one of these other libraries? Thanks.

Flixel and HaxePunk are both built on top of OpenFL. Both of them use JoystickEvent, so you can refer to their implementations to see how it works.

Flixel implementation
HaxePunk implementation

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I wrote the joystick event system for NME, it should be similar in OpenFL, so you also could use an NME tutorial almost verbatim