Using Exported OpenFL iOS project in Pods

Hi everyone!

I created a simple project with a static function that returns me a string, I generate iOS project and everything works well (openfl test ios).
After that I create a pod with exported project and I want to access this method from another iOS project, using this as a lib.
Is it possible? What files I need to expose in pods to make it work? There is some code that I need to add?
I’m a beginner with Haxe and OpenFL, any help I would appreciate.


Well, to be able to use that project as a pod you probably can’t just create a new pod the standard CocoaPods way. You would have to do some manual work as the steps involved to compile the code aren’t just those you would have in a simple iOS project.

I believe you should actually create the pod with cocoapods and then migrate the project settings, code, etc from the project generated by openfl to the cocoapods project.

On top of that, you will probably have to manage the project by hand at that point, which means that if you add new haxe files and stuff like that, you would have to do the same in your library project.