Using Atom for OpenFL/Lime


I wanted to try Atom for Haxe development as an alternative to FlashDevelop. There are some plugins for it but they lack proper usage documentation. The information is written as if it was obvious how to use it, but it’s not.
I have installed all the needed plugins but how do you actually build/run a project?

I was confused because when trying Haxe build from the command pallette nothing was happening and I thought I was doing something wrong. Tried uninstalling and installing those plugins again and it started working o_O. So um yeah… that seems the solution to the problem. Atom is cool! Cheers!

How does it compare to FlashDevelop?

I started using it on a Mac cause it seems to be the best editor for me on that platform. Now I’m trying it on Windows because FlashDevelop has a bug that causes exceptions with a particular haxe lib that I find necessary to work with. (I have reported it and I’m waiting for the fix ;))
First impression of Atom is good thanks to the UI which suits me well cause I like dark themed UIs. Then it’s a bit tricky to move from FlashDevelop cause the autocompletion is much different and sometimes incomplete. I also miss the mighty ctrl+shift+1 combination and many other shortcuts.
The community is very active with some outstanding plugins/mods/hacks/themes - really impressive.
Generally it feels weird and exciting at the same time but maybe it’s a matter of getting used to it, I’ll work with it for some time and see how it goes.