Using aar in an extension - Error: Only Jar-type local dependencies are supported

Is there a propper way to add aar’s to an extension?

I tried
compile files(‘libs/name.aar’)
compile fileTree(dir: ‘libs’, include: [’*.aar’])
in the of the extension(and a lot other variations).

But the moment the aar-file is found, the error ends up being that only jar-types are supported :frowning:

You may get away with simply converting it to a .jar?

I did that but then i miss all the rest of the aar-package like the resources,assets etc.

The jar is in the aar, unzip it.

There are some misunderstandings here.
Yes aar can be extracted and the inside classes.jar can be used. Did that.
But, there is more stuff inside the aar-file then just the classes.jar.
And those resources, assets i would loose.

The question still stands, what is the proper way to import(compile) aar in gradle/openfl?

Does this topic help?

Did you find anything to include an .aar file into an extension?
I’ve succeeded to include an aar file in the build but the compiler didn’t find it.

Sorry, didnt had any success with those aar files.