Use SWF class image display error

I use swf library

use swf class out put the image is variant
why the image is not the same as the original swf image?

What exactly are the differences? Size, form, color?

Which version of swf, openfl and lime do you have?

If possible could you share an image of what you get and what you expect?

I use CS4,CS6,CC to do this,has the same problem
My openfl version is 3.2.2,lime version is 2.5.2

On what target does this happen?
Flash, html5, neko?

Also, have you compared/tried type="swflite" versus type="swf" in your library tag? Perhaps one handles this differently than the other?

both html5 and flash

I use library path=“assets/img/test.swf” type=“swflite” preload=“true” generate=“true”/ in xml

Could you also test on the desktop? It would help to know if this is a SWF parsing problem, or a rendering problem

I found the problem. Because the image file format is PNG,when i change it to jpg the problem not happen

thanks :grinning: