Use lower resolution in OpenGLView

Hi, is there a way to change the resolution of an OpenGLView or do I have to render to a texture and then scale it? I want to have hard edges(pixelated)

You should be able to control the output size in your shader, right? And set the GL blend type?

Sorry, what I meant was something like pixel art were you dont get half pixel and its way faster to apply effects to a smaller screen and then scale. But I guess its a better aproach to render into a buffer.

Im just experimenting, after reading the last post about the future of tilesheet and drawTiles. I’m searching for simple way to draw with GPU in all platforms including flash. I have a solution now, for tilesheet using TilesheetStage3D for flash, but I cant use any shaders. I will continue testing

For hard edged texturing, set your GL sampler filtering type to GL.NEAREST.