URLRequest & Loader fail to make requests on neko target

I have an app that seems to work fine when targeting Flash, Mac, Android, or iOS. The Neko target refuses to make any network connections for some reason, and not being too familiar with neko it’s not clear how I should go about troubleshooting this problem.

Specifically when I try to either:

  • urlLoader.load(urlRequest)
  • loader.load(urlRequest)

No errors are thrown, no handlers are triggered, and no request shows up on my server.

Is there some sort of network enable flag I should be using? Here’s my version (on osx 10.10):

$ neko
NekoVM 2.0.0 ©2005-2013 Haxe Foundation
Usage : neko

Thanks in advance for any insight.

Are you using legacy, or Lime 2?

Thanks for the reply - I’m using current/default. Not sure if this is a clue, but but it won’t even compile when I try to build using -Dlegacy - any static methods or properties seem to fail with the error “Foo has no field bar”

Static methods in Lime, or in your project?

Sorry - in my project. I hope I’m not mixing up terminology here. Basically when I do this:

$lime test neko

The game starts up and attempts to run, but no network connections are triggered

If I do this instead:

lime test neko -Dlegacy

I get hundreds of errors along the lines of:

Source/Grid.hx:377: characters 20-32 : Class<Builder> has no field live

That line of code looks like:

static public var live:Bool = false;

the flash, iphone, and android targets all seem to work fine.

Weird. What version of Haxe are you using?

$ haxe
Haxe Compiler 3.1.3 - (C)2005-2014 Haxe Foundation

Does 3.2 work any differently?

I just upgraded - no change in behavior AFAICT

Are you using macros? Sometimes things can be a bit confusing, when processed through a macro, and not

nope, no macros.

FWIW, my actual end goal is to cross compile for windows from a mac build machine - it appeared that neko was the only way to make that happen. Is there a more appropriate approach?

I use VirtualBox to compile for Windows and Linux (on a Mac).

If you target Neko you will never get the same performances as targetting Windows.

Yep, I understand that performance will take a hit. It’s not clear exactly how much of a hit though, since I can’t seem to test it yet :smile:

There’s also mingw32, I haven’t used it myself, but I bet it’s probably close to working. With some help, I bet it could be officially supported